Atlanta Visitor’s Guide – Getting Around in Atlanta Georgia

Getting around in Atlanta

Where: North of downtown Atlanta, centered at Peachtree and Roswell roads.
Inside scoop: Where old money meets frat parties, where streets lined with magnificent homes empty onto Atlanta’s most famous singles scene. It’s home to the Governor’s Mansion, much of the goings-on in Tom Wolfe’s “A Man in Full” and two of the area’s best malls, Lenox (Lenox Square guide) and Phipps (Phipps Plaza guide).

Downtown Connector
Where: I-85 meets I-75.
Inside scoop: Traveling those few miles through downtown Atlanta where the two superhighways meet can take a few lifetimes. Stay away if you can.
Elton John
Where: Sometimes in a Midtown high-rise condo, but mostly in the newspaper.
Inside scoop: Yes, he lives here part-time, but that does not explain, entirely, the AJC’s good-humored fascination with him. Sightings and goings-on of the singing knight are reported diligently in the Peach Buzz gossip column, but only half-seriously. John has become the local celebrity we love to love.

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Atlanta District Teachers Help Students

Because the US government has put more weight on the performance of students on standardized tests, teachers have been desperate to get results. In Atlanta, hundreds of teachers have been accused of helping their students to get better scores as well as lying to investigators some years ago.

The teachers contend that their cries for help have fallen upon deaf ears for more than two years. Some teachers have produced email correspondences to the Georgia Association of Educators where they voiced their concerns and were given false assurances.

For their part in the alleged cheating, hundreds of teachers in Atlanta may be laid off. Investigators believe that teachers used underhanded tactics in order to get their students to pass. Many educators say that they were publicly berated and threatened with disciplinary action if they failed to produce real results. If any teachers in Atlanta are fired, a class action lawsuit may be filed on their behalf.

Many school districts in the US struggle to meet the strenuous requirements set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act. Some of the teachers in Atlanta that have been accused of cheating say that they played no part in the scandal. It is likely that a lengthy investigation will follow, but investigators face huge hurdles.

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Impressive Atlanta Architecture-2

Carnegie Monument

Officially named: Education Pavilion

The Carnegie Education Pavilion (generally named the Carnegie Monument) is located in Atlanta’s Hardy Ivy Park. The 23-ft. tall marble pavilion was created from the downtown Carnegie Central Library’s facade in 1996. The Library dated to 1901 but in 1977, it was demolished to clear the way the Fulton County Library. The beaux-arts monument is honoring bot Atlanta’s higher education and the Carnegie legacy. It holds the seals of nine local universities and colleges that are embedded in its floor.

1180 Peachtree

Also referred to as Symphony Tower

This is the tower that symbolizes Atlanta’s emergence into the 21st Century. 1180 Peachtree embraces the new modernist style in skyscraper design, moving beyond the black glass of the 1960s, the white concrete of the 1970s, the beige stucco of the 1990s.

More importantly, it signals Atlanta’s intention to diverge from the urban examples like New York and Chicago that came before it. Instead of creating dark, smothering canyons, buildings like 1180 use natural light, setbacks, and podiums to create a more welcoming environment — one where skyscrapers can work with people and the environment, rather than oppress them.

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Impressive Atlanta Architecture 1

One Atlantic Center

Formerly: IBM Tower

The tallest building in Atlanta when it opened in 1987, One Atlantic Center ushered in a new wave of high-quality architecture and development in the Midtown area of Atlanta. The post-modern design by Philip Johnson features “Rosa Porino” (Spanish Pink) granite, classical details and a gold capped, copper pyramidal top. The location is visible from many parts of the city and the site features a 2 1/2 acre landscaped park with fountains.

Quick Facts:

  • Construction start: 1986
  • Construction finish: 1987
  • Designed by: Philip Johnson
  • Stories: 50
  • Maximum Height: 820 feet / 250 meters

One Atlantic Center definitely defines the character of Midtown Atlanta and is one of the most impressive and best-looking in the city. Still, after some 30 years in the business, the building is amazing and sets the standard for Atlanta and the southeastern US.

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Atlanta Concerts And Shows

Atlanta concerts are especially fun when the weather is gorgeous and your favorite band is playing.

If you’re looking for the latest schedule, you’ll need to get familiar with the amazing venues scattered throughout the city. While there are tons of great places to catch a show, the Chastain Park Amphitheatre and the Tabernacle in Atlanta are a couple of great places to check out first.

Simply put, the Chastain Park Amphitheater is a treasured tradition in Atlanta. The historic North Fulton Park amphitheater first started making waves in the city back in 1944.

Although it first featured the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the amphitheater has since grown to host an enormous variety of artistic performances.

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Great Atlanta Sports Teams

Braves, Hawks, Falcons, Dream, and Silverbacks

Atlanta Sports aren’t just a pastime in the South; they’re a way of life. If you’re looking to experience the true southern sports culture, there are plenty of sporting events in Atlanta to check out while you’re in town.

Whether you’re a baseball, basketball, or football fan, you can pick up tickets to a game pretty much any time of the year.

If you’re visiting Atlanta during the spring, summer, or early fall, you should definitely get tickets to an Atlanta Braves baseball game.

Not only do Georgia residents follow the Braves games, but they’re one of the most popular teams in the entire southeast region. Turner Field, located on Hank Aaron Drive, was originally constructed for the 1996 Olympic Games and seats more than 50,000 cheering fans in a state-of-the-art athletic environment.

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Sightseeing Atlanta – Rivercruise

If you haven’t taken a tour on board an amphibious vehicle yet, then you’re definitely missing out! Ride the Ducks operates the nation’s largest land-to-water sightseeing experience on more than 90 vehicles carrying over a million guests each year.

Ride the Ducks began as a small sightseeing company in Branson, Missouri in 1977. Since that time, it has expanded to offer duck tours to include the Philadelphia, San Francisco, Newport, and Atlanta areas.

Taking a duck tour from Stone Mountain Park is a truly unique way to experience the Atlanta area. You’ll climb aboard a 1940s era army DUKW that’s been converted into a comfortable, open-air vehicle that will take you from land to water and back again.

DUKW vehicles were originally designed for military use during World War II to transport troops and goods and to cross beaches in amphibious attacks. The military began mass-producing these six-wheel drive vehicles, which were heavily relied upon on the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

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Theater and Shows in Atlanta

Check out the Atlanta theatre district shows calendar for theater in Atlanta. Theater in Atlanta, Georgia is thriving, so you’ll definitely want to be a part of the excitement this summer and there are also quite a few places where you can enjoy the best of theatre dining shows as is shown in this Guthrie Dinner Theatre video:

The Alliance Theater and the Fox Theater are two of the absolute best places to catch an amazing show that you’ll never forget. When you need a break from the steamy, Atlanta heat, step into one of these theaters to cool off and get cultured.

Founded in 1968, the Alliance Theater has proudly served as the leader in Southeastern theatrics for diverse people on two stages. In its history, the theater has premiered over seventy original productions like The Last Night of Ballyhoo, Aida, and The Color Purple.

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Planning Your Trip to Atlanta

If you’re thinking about coming to Atlanta, let this post help you to make your trip a fun and exciting one.

Atlanta is a wonderful city and you’ll love it here – Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, our beautiful city neighborhoods, modern attractions, and quick easy access to the North Georgia Mountains as well as Lake Lanier Island Resorts give vacationers an array of fun and exciting things to do.

If you’re a history buff, historical sites relating to the Civil war are in abundant supply throughout the metropolitan area.  Atlanta is also home to many of the key leaders and organizations of the Civil rights movement. In fact, many of the grassroots activities of the movement began here.

So come to check out Atlanta and its most cherished attractions, world-class sporting events, museums and lots of other fun activities.

Planning Your Trip to Atlanta

If you’re looking to book a vacation with your family, your sweetheart, or just for yourself,  Atlanta is one of the most affordable and well-rounded cities to consider. The first question that should come to mind is how you are going to get to Atlanta. Check or for airlines that depart from your area to see how much it would cost for everyone to catch a plane.

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Child Friendly Activities in Atlanta

If you’re planning a family vacation, there are tons of fun things for kids and children’s events in Atlanta. Keeping the little ones entertained when you’re on a budget can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are quite a few free things to do with kids in and around the city during your visit. Here’s a nice video about the Children’s Museum Atlanta:

Keep your children’s mind active at the Fernbank Science Center, which provides free admission for children and their families. The science center exhibition hall is open every day except Sunday and the observatory is open Thursday and Friday evenings, weather permitting. Although there is a small fee to see the planetarium, there are no parking fees for any of the center’s events.

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The best Atlanta BBQ restaurants

Imagine, one day you are traveling around the United States, and on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, your stomach starts grumbling. Suddenly, you can smell a delicious food scent that will make you salivate at once. With no doubt, you will say, “A BARBECUE SMELL!!”, and starts running toward the smell direction. One thing you should learn, if you are craving for barbecue, there is not any substitution for it. Well, congratulations. You have arrived in the right place to enjoy your barbecue.

Atlanta actually does not have its own distinct of barbecue. But Atlanta specialized in many kinds of barbecue, like Kansas City rub or the vinegar based North Carolina sauce. Everyone has their own preferences.  These barbecue places in Atlanta are simply irresistible. So, for the people who are on a diet, prepare to break your diet. Pulled pork, baby back ribs, beef or chicken can make you order it more and more.

If you have a big number of people joining you for barbecue, enjoy it at the barbecue spot like Williamson Brothers or Zeiglers. Or you prefer to enjoy music while feasting on your barbecue, come to Daddy Dz or Fatt Matt’s Rib Shack. So, anything your barbecue preferences, whether it is a large rack of ribs or chicken smothered with sauce, you will always find a barbecue restaurant which suits your taste. Do not forget to add cold beverages to your barbecue platter. Some interesting side dishes like coleslaw, baked beans, fries, macaroni, cheese or other dishes can complete your full stomach.

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