Because the US government has put more weight on the performance of students on standardized tests, teachers have been desperate to get results. In Atlanta, hundreds of teachers have been accused of helping their students (as a sort of blessing after rejection) to get better scores as well as lying to investigators some years ago.

The teachers contend that their cries for help have fallen upon deaf ears for more than two years. Some teachers have produced email correspondences to the Georgia Association of Educators where they voiced their concerns and were given false assurances.

For their part in the alleged cheating, hundreds of teachers in Atlanta may be laid off. Investigators believe that teachers used underhanded tactics in order to get their students to pass. Many educators say that they were publicly berated and threatened with disciplinary action if they failed to produce real results. If any teachers in Atlanta are fired, a class action lawsuit may be filed on their behalf.

Many school districts in the US struggle to meet the strenuous requirements set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act. Some of the teachers in Atlanta that have been accused of cheating say that they played no part in the scandal. It is likely that a lengthy investigation will follow, but investigators face huge hurdles.

With no witnesses available expect for past students, state investigators may not be able to find enough evidence to substantiate their claims. Several teachers have already retained attorneys and are refusing to make public comments about their alleged involvement in the cheating scandal.

Getting The Education You Need For Free

When most people finish primary school they are forced to decide between going directly into the workforce and continuing their education. If you didn’t have enough money to go to college or weren’t accepted at the school of your choosing, you may have elected to find a job immediately. See also: “Art Galleries and Art Schools in Atlanta

Years can pass faster than you first anticipated, and you might be working at a company where you do not feel that your skills are being valued. Spelman College in Atlanta offers so many interesting courses and although it can be difficult to go back to school, there are several ways that you can do so without needing to go into debt.

The first things that you should look for are grants and scholarships. There are many private organizations that will help to fund your education, but you will need to show that you are truly driven.

While scholarships and grants can help to subsidize your education, you might reach a point at which you still need more funding. Taking government funded courses will give you the ability to get an education online. You will be able to take classes at the time that is most convenient for you.

Study to go into the healthcare sector, or take online classes so that you are able to go into business for yourself. When you take the steps that are needing to gain practical skills, you are able to shape your own future. See also this post about impressive Atlanta Architecture.

Even if it takes you a few years to get your degree, you can continue to earn a living and look for new job prospects in the meantime. If you feel that you will not be able to go any further at your current place of employment, it is in your best interest to go back to school. Be successful, feel better about yourself and get the education that you have always wanted.