If you haven’t taken a tour on board an amphibious vehicle yet, then you’re definitely missing out! Ride the Ducks operates the nation’s largest land-to-water sightseeing experience on more than 90 vehicles carrying over a million guests each year.

Ride the Ducks began as a small sightseeing company in Branson, Missouri in 1977. Since that time, it has expanded to offer duck tours to include the Philadelphia, San Francisco, Newport, and Atlanta areas.

Taking a duck tour from Stone Mountain Park is a truly unique way to experience the Atlanta area. You’ll climb aboard a 1940s era army DUKW that’s been converted into a comfortable, open-air vehicle that will take you from land to water and back again.

DUKW vehicles were originally designed for military use during World War II to transport troops and goods and to cross beaches in amphibious attacks. The military began mass-producing these six-wheel drive vehicles, which were heavily relied upon on the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

Although DUKWs are still used for military and rescue operations today, their most popular uses revolve around tourism. Duck tour captains are local history experts and entertainers, so you’ll learn fascinating facts about the Atlanta area while laughing at amusing antidotes and listening to music. For more information about Atlanta culture, click here.

Stone Mountain Park is located just a half hour from downtown Atlanta, offering a convenient way to explore the city’s surrounding areas where you can truly enjoy so many theater shows.

The park is a popular family-friendly attraction that offers geyser towers to play in, the nation’s largest adventure course, cable car rides, laser light shows, and amusement rides.

There is an 18-hole golf course on the Stone Mountain Park grounds, as well as history exhibits and nature presentations.

You can easily spend a couple of days at the park, and there are plenty of lodging options available including the Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, Marriott Stone Mountain Inn, and an amenity-filled campground.

To get started with a duck tour, you’ll need to watch the weather because tour schedules can vary based on environmental conditions, crowds, and maintenance.  Both adult and child tickets cost $14 each, and you can combine the tour with other adventures for a discount. Whatever your ideas of a great getaway, just plan your trip to Atlanta carefully and you won’t get disappointed!

The first tours usually depart around 11:00 am, and you need to make an advance reservation to hop on board. Ride the Ducks tours are wheelchair accessible, and kids under ten are required to wear a life jacket.

Each city’s duck tour is unique, so even if you’ve taken a ride in another location, Stone Mountain’s ducks can provide a fun and educational afternoon for the whole family.